Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodbye Vanilla Latte

In the last two days at least six women approached me asking "Can you find me the man of my dreams?' I would have said yes but there was one problem...they were all at least 25 pounds overweight and looked 20 yrs older than their age. How the hell am I supposed to find a guy for them if they don't take pride in the way they look. Men are visual creatures. Are they shallow...hell yea they're shal low but that's just the way it is. So ladies, get off your behinds, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to the gym or hire a personal trainer and start eating healthy. You attract what you put out there. If you want a man who's physically fit, smart and successful than you have to earn it. I just started working out today with my former trainer Sam Bell who taught me eight years ago how to eat right. He changed my life and now eight years later is changing it again. He told me to give up my addiction of my morning fix at Starbucks...a grande vanilla latte and switch to green tea. He promised me that in six weeks time with a healthy diet and excercise and lots of hydration I will lose the excess whatever you call it between my belly button and my pubic bone. You know the extra stuff that all of us women want to get rid of after having babies. Just think if you follow Sam's instructions you won't have to go get a tummy tuck! So ladies, start now and you will love yourself for it...and I can guarantee HE will too!

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