Monday, July 18, 2011

Lisa Cohen's Do's and Don'ts of Dating for women

DO go on a first date with a positive attitude. Remember a first date is only about seeing if you want to go on a second date – nothing more. You're interviewing this person to see if he will be your long-term partner.

DON'T go into the first date bitching about your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, or if you're PMSing leave it at home. Could be a huge turnoff.

DO watch how a man treats his mother. If he treats her with respect and love he will most likely be a good partner.

DON'T continue the relationship if a man treats his mother with disrespect. Sooner or later he'll treat you the same way. Take my word for it!

DON'T sleep with him on the first date. You're making a big mistake if you do. Men love a challenge and a bit of mystery.

DO hold hands only if you feel like it and if you want to kiss goodnight that's okay. It's better to see if there's chemistry right from the get go than wait too long to find out there's zero chemistry. If you kiss really great together you'll most likely be good lovers.

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