Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks To Those Who Matter By Lisa Conrad Cohen

Thanksgiving is a day not only to chow down on turkey,
stuffing, cranberries and my favorite dish…sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows (which is my specialty).
It’s a day to give thanks to those who matter to us. This is not only your spouse, or children but to anyone who matters in your life. So take the time to send an email or
make that quick phone call to say “Thank you for being you”. It’s only a few words that go a long way. We all need to feel recognized and appreciated by the people in our lives. Your mailman, the gardener, your kids, your mother-n-law…well maybe not your mother-n-law. It doesn’t have to be about giving something materialistically. It’s giving from your heart which matters the most. It’s showing the person how you feel and showing them how important their feelings are to you. You may be the shyest, most introverted person who can’t express these feelings. Take the chance and watch what happens. There are those who we all know who might not know how to embrace it because of never being told “I Love You” or are insecure and unhappy with themselves. This is more the reason to reach out to those who matter and just do it.
You’ll thank me that you did.
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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