Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When I found out the morning of Oct 31, Halloween Day that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphreys I was a bit surprised because I gave it 9 months. Imagine the disappointment of the people who were dressing up as the Newlyweds for Halloween. After all, some people I know were dressing up as Kendra and Hank…and their cat was dressing up as Baby Hank…pretty cute!
So it’s no surprise that people would dress up as the two most talked about people in the tabloids...the newly married couple.

The thing I don’t understand is if Kim knew in her heart that marrying him was the wrong thing to do, then why did she go ahead with the wedding? Was it for the show? Or was she so scared to change her mind not knowing what the outcome might bring. What will everyone think of her. Is she this terrible, heartless person who left this guy at the alter? Are these the right reasons to move forward with the wedding? The answer is NO!

One day I met with a smart, eloquent, and beautiful young woman. She saw me doing my matchmaking magic on the show “KENDRA” and decided to call me for a private consultation. She told me she had been engaged and called off her wedding 2 weeks before because she knew in her heart it wasn’t right. I gave her a big hug for being able to do something so difficult and yet so courageous. Imagine her friends and family who booked their airline tickets, bought their black tie garb, booked the hotel, and on top of it sent a gift? How must she have felt knowing it was not the right thing to do and yet cancelling the wedding would disappoint her friends and family. Or would it? Wouldn’t her friends and family want her to make the correct life changing decision for herself? Well BRAVO to her for calling it off and having the inner strength to do something that changed her life in a positive way.
Now’s the time for her to date as much as she wants and choose the man who is supposed to be her future husband. The one who she knows in her heart is the right one.

Many of you know how difficult going through a divorce can be. How many of you who were about to walk down the isle have had second thoughts…is he really the one? What the hell am I doing? Is it too late to run for the hills? But I spent so much money on the wedding dress. Who cares about the dress…it’s just a dress for gods sakes! Ladies, please be sure this is what you want before the big day arrives.
I must give credit to all of the woman who had the guts to call off the wedding before it was too late.
And to Kim Kardashian...your Mr. Right will come along when
YOU know he’s the one!! Not your mother, your sister, your best friend, your priest…Not anyone but YOU!

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