Saturday, February 4, 2012


It’s been exactly thirteen days and nine hours since I turned another year older and as I sit and reflect on the events of my life I have to say it’s been quite a journey. I have only a few regrets, some of which are not sleeping with a handful of men who might have been really great in bed! Another regret is not traveling to Europe when I had the chance to go in my twenties. I went to Rome and Florence in my forties pregnant with my second child and walked up the Spanish Steps every night. I missed out on the wonderful Italian wines but made up for it by eating three gelatos a day. And the only other regret I have is not grabbing opportunities as they were presented to me. The things I could have achieved were endless. Grab those opportunities as they come to you. So now here I am doing things I never expected to be doing. I have a wonderful man, two amazing daughters, six handsome and very smart stepsons, a lovely home, two adorable dogs, an amazing group of friends, I can still fit into my size 6 jeans, no hot flashes yet, enjoy sex more than ever, appeared on a TV show, wrote articles that have been published, have a growing business, have done numerous radio shows, haven’t done botox…yet, having a ball every Friday at AFL with the most talented actors, writing my book... OY VEY…I’m exhausted and it’s GREAT!!! I love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. So on that note believe in yourself, keep a positive attitude, love yourself, follow your dreams, if you try and fail, at least you know you tried. It will make you stronger and wiser. Wisdom goes a long way. Here’s to Life!!

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