Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This weather change is like a breath of fresh air. I'll tell you what cold is...which brings me back to my days in New York. Getting ready for work in the morning wearing a warm wool sweater, wool ribbed tights, boots, fur lined gloves, a fashionable hat which made a statement and the full length mink coat my beautiful Mother passed down to me. Waiting for a taxi cab on 57th and 5th with the wind ...hitting me in the face, my nose running uncontrollably, my toes starting to feel numb and not being able to hail a cab because I can't feel my fingers so I give up and hop on the next bus that comes along and save ten bucks. The good news is right there as I get off the bus is my favorite pretzel stand. Grab a pretzel with a dab of mustard and eat it on the way back to my apartment. I walk in the door, turn up the heat and take a nice warm bubble bath. I heat up the Chinese food from the day before, turn on the TV to see whats happening in the world and anxiously await a new episode of Knots Landing. Go to bed with Johnny Carson and seven hours later wake up to a snow storm..can't get to work. I spend the day at home catching up on my favorite soaps, drink hot chocolate and whipped cream ( I know I'll work it off at the gym) and snuggle on the couch with my cats Mushi and Tushy. I'm getting antsy so I walk to the newstand when I suddenly get splashed with cold wet slush by a car turning the corner. I rush back to my warm cozy apartment, throw off my clothes, put on my flannels, crawl into bed hoping that I'll open my eyes to a beautiful sunny sky.
So now here i am twenty years later living in the most beautiful state In the USA and in the last 24 hours we've experience a cold spell and it's not so bad. In fact it's refreshing and rejuvenating! My advice to all of you native Californians who are hemming and hawing about the cold is lighten up, enjoy it while you can,nturn up the heat, throw on a scarf and some leggings, take your dog out for a fun, drink hot chocolate with your kids, feel the cold against your face and breathe. It's great for the soul!

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