Thursday, February 28, 2013

DO's and DON'Ts of DATING

Here are some of my Do's and Don'ts of Dating 

DO go on a first date with a positive attitude. Remember a first date is about seeing if you want to go on a second date You're interviewing this person to see if he will be your long-term partner.

DO watch how a man treats his mother. If he treats her with respect and love he will most likely be a good partner.

DO understand that a classy decent woman will always offer to pay her share, but she would really prefer to be treated on the first date.

DON’T sound needy or anxious on your first date. It's a real turnoff.
DON'T expect to sleep together on the first date. We all love a challenge and something to look forward to.

DON'T become a texting addict... it's not sexy. Just ask her out and make it happen!

If you use these dating tips I guarantee you will be on your way to successful dating. Many people ask me why they're single. I try to help them make smart choices when it comes to choosing the person that's best suited for them. It's like a puzzle and the pieces have to fit. One of my gifts to many of my clients is teaching them how to communicate without sounding needy or anxious. Many women who have been in a long term relationship and are starting over do this again and again. It's self sabotage and a real turn off. Men seek women who are confident, not overly available, and a bit mysterious. It's the challenge that's exciting that makes you want to wake up in the morning. I'm not saying once they conquer it's over. Keep it exciting, a bit unpredictable, and fun. I hear over and over again "I'm bored with my partner" or "I need more excitement". We all want to live an exciting life with the person we love. We want the sex to be great, go on vacations, have enough money to buy that purse you've had your eye on, get a massage now and again, be the best parents we can be to our kids. We can have all that but we have to put the work into it. It doesn't just come out of the sky. 
I'm here to help each and every one of you bring the excitement back into your current relationship or into your brand new one. We all want to have a reason to wake up in the morning so let's begin now!