Sunday, April 28, 2013


Good friends are hard to come by. If you can count the amount of true friends you have on one hand, boy are you lucky. A true friend is someone who loves you unconditionally, that when you screw up they'll give you another chance. A true friend is someone you can call at 3:00 in the morning if you are in a crisis. And most of all a true friend is someone you can trust, tell anything to, and you never have to worry about them telling someone else. Thank you to my 5 true friends who have been so supportive, were there for me during not only the ups but the downs too, and love me unconditionally no matter how neurotic I get!
Give something back to your true friends to show them how grateful you are to have them in your life!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Everyman loves a strong, confident, sexy woman right?  Then ladies it's time to get your sexy back, turn it on, love yourself, and don't be anything but yourself. Even if you're not one hundred percent thrilled with your appearance go out and do something to change it. Get that new hair style, push up bra, sexy lingerie, work it mama! So many woman are waiting for Prince Charming to come knocking at their door to be rescued like Richard Gere did with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. Even though she came off a bit unsophisticated, and uneducated she was still strong in what she believed in and you bet your ass
she was sexy and confident in her own way.  Many men are attracted to what they can't have, which makes it more exciting and intriguing to them. If a women comes off needy, desperate and too available he will get turned off.  So to the ladies who want to keep the romance alive, and keep your man interested here are some tips for you:

*When he comes home from a long stressful day whip out the hot oil and give him a sensual massage
with a happy ending.

* Don't be so anxious...let him initiate and be the man!

*Cook him a meal that will knock his socks off.

*Buy tickets to his favorite sporting event

*Wear something provocative when he walks in the door.

*Do something out of the ordinary that will open his eyes...something spontaneous which will hold his interest.

If you want to keep the relationship alive, exciting, sexy and romantic you gotta do the will definitely pay off.  Then go buy that Louis purse you've had your eye on because you deserve it!

Monday, April 22, 2013


As a Matchmaker/Relationship Expert I've dealt with all kinds of people. There are the ones who are admittedly superficial who are only attracted to people with outer beauty and there are the ones who have a certain look or type that they're drawn to. Is this a bad thing? It is if you're still single and in the same boat as you were in five years ago. Maybe you need to try something new. Maybe you should look deeper into the soul and heart of the person. You will be surprised at what you might find.
Why are people so hung up on looks? Is it because their parents were critical of them, or maybe they're so critical of themselves and insecure that they need to have a trophy to validate themselves.
We all want to be attracted to our partner but isn't it true that after years of being together the looks fade but the person on the inside is who we fell in love with?  Or maybe not. Maybe we fell in love for the wrong reasons. Why do men cheat on their wives after being married for ten, fifteeen or twenty years. Is it because she let herself go and doesn't care about how she looks? Is it because he brings home the bread and butter and expects the sexy siren to open the door when he comes home? Does he want his cake and eat it too? Is he someone who needs attention twenty-four seven? All of these are true depending on the particular man.
Maybe if she went to the gym, got her sexy back on and was a slut in the bedroom he wouldn't have that affair.  There's no right answer but there is a solution to the problem. In my upcoming blog you'll hear the tips on how to keep him interested, romantic and available.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

DO's and DON'Ts of DATING

Here are some of my Do's and Don'ts of Dating 

DO go on a first date with a positive attitude. Remember a first date is about seeing if you want to go on a second date You're interviewing this person to see if he will be your long-term partner.

DO watch how a man treats his mother. If he treats her with respect and love he will most likely be a good partner.

DO understand that a classy decent woman will always offer to pay her share, but she would really prefer to be treated on the first date.

DON’T sound needy or anxious on your first date. It's a real turnoff.
DON'T expect to sleep together on the first date. We all love a challenge and something to look forward to.

DON'T become a texting addict... it's not sexy. Just ask her out and make it happen!

If you use these dating tips I guarantee you will be on your way to successful dating. Many people ask me why they're single. I try to help them make smart choices when it comes to choosing the person that's best suited for them. It's like a puzzle and the pieces have to fit. One of my gifts to many of my clients is teaching them how to communicate without sounding needy or anxious. Many women who have been in a long term relationship and are starting over do this again and again. It's self sabotage and a real turn off. Men seek women who are confident, not overly available, and a bit mysterious. It's the challenge that's exciting that makes you want to wake up in the morning. I'm not saying once they conquer it's over. Keep it exciting, a bit unpredictable, and fun. I hear over and over again "I'm bored with my partner" or "I need more excitement". We all want to live an exciting life with the person we love. We want the sex to be great, go on vacations, have enough money to buy that purse you've had your eye on, get a massage now and again, be the best parents we can be to our kids. We can have all that but we have to put the work into it. It doesn't just come out of the sky. 
I'm here to help each and every one of you bring the excitement back into your current relationship or into your brand new one. We all want to have a reason to wake up in the morning so let's begin now!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feel Goods Before Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is coming and we all want to feel good about ourselves, especially when we're about to go out on that date.
One of the things you can do before your date is to write down anything that made you feel good that 
week. Here are two of my feel goods.

My friend told me she and her four year old daughter were at the book store looking at the magazines when her daughter suddenly grabbed a magazine with Cindy Crawford on the cover and said with excitement “IT’S ELLA’s MOM." When she told me the story I asked her if her daughter had been to the doctor lately to have her eyes checked.  I honestly have to say it made my day even if it did come from a four year old.  I think I'll wait awhile longer to call the plastic surgeon.

It was 8:00pm and I was sitting at Starbucks answering emails when suddenly I noticed a bottle of wine on the table. Starbucks is really selling wine to their customers?  When the waiter approached me I said “A glass of Chardonay please” He responded  “Can I see your ID." Is he serious? I looked at him and said ”You must be on drugs." I thought to myself should I pass on the glass of wine, not give him my drivers license and have him think I'm younger than I am.  I did want that glass of wine so I hesitantly handed him my drivers license and he said “WOW you look great."  I enjoyed that glass of wine even though he was young enough to be my son.

Try and focus on your positive attributes and make them work for you. Remember no one wants to be with Debbie downer! We need to love ourselves before we can accept and give love to someone else.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You Can Make It Happen

This is the start of the New Year and a new beginning for many of us. Here are some tips to prepare you to meet that special someone.
Wake up and throw ice cold water on your face… it will invigorate you.
Wear something you love yourself in even if it’s a warm up suit and your going to the market. Make sure your teeth are brushed and flossed just in case you meet that IT person in the produce dept at Whole Foods or Starbucks...great places to meet someone.
One of the most important pieces of advice to everyone is to smile even if you’re not in the best mood. No one wants to talk to you if you have a scowl on your face. People want to be around positive, happy people, unless of course you’re a miserable person who wants to meet someone more miserable than yourself to make yourself seem happier but that doesn’t usually work…could turn into a train wreck.  Give someone a compliment…it’s such a good feeling to make someone feel good about themselves and it will come back to you in spades.
If you see someone smiling at you don’t just leave. Smile back and say “Do I know You From Somewhere”.  It works like MAGIC!! Have your business card with you at all times.
Good luck!

More tips to come.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


The tragedy in Connecticut is a wake up call to all parents to love and adore your children and tell them you love them everyday. Help your children with their self esteem, and give them the confidence and encouragement to reach their goals. Tell your children to talk to YOU with any issues they might have, and no matter how bad it may be, you won’t love them any less. Tell them you’ll be there for them to help them through it. We are their teachers to give them the tools to help them grow into good human beings. Children with mental illnesss need special attention and can not be ignored. Give them the life they deserve so they’ll feel safe in the world and not alone and angry. As parents we need to invest time into our children. We don’t know why this horrifying event happened and may never will. My love and prayers go out to all the families who lost their beautiful innocent children, and those who lost a parent, wife, husband and friend.