Saturday, December 15, 2012


The tragedy in Connecticut is a wake up call to all parents to love and adore your children and tell them you love them everyday. Help your children with their self esteem, and give them the confidence and encouragement to reach their goals. Tell your children to talk to YOU with any issues they might have, and no matter how bad it may be, you won’t love them any less. Tell them you’ll be there for them to help them through it. We are their teachers to give them the tools to help them grow into good human beings. Children with mental illnesss need special attention and can not be ignored. Give them the life they deserve so they’ll feel safe in the world and not alone and angry. As parents we need to invest time into our children. We don’t know why this horrifying event happened and may never will. My love and prayers go out to all the families who lost their beautiful innocent children, and those who lost a parent, wife, husband and friend.

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