Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feel Goods Before Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is coming and we all want to feel good about ourselves, especially when we're about to go out on that date.
One of the things you can do before your date is to write down anything that made you feel good that 
week. Here are two of my feel goods.

My friend told me she and her four year old daughter were at the book store looking at the magazines when her daughter suddenly grabbed a magazine with Cindy Crawford on the cover and said with excitement “IT’S ELLA’s MOM." When she told me the story I asked her if her daughter had been to the doctor lately to have her eyes checked.  I honestly have to say it made my day even if it did come from a four year old.  I think I'll wait awhile longer to call the plastic surgeon.

It was 8:00pm and I was sitting at Starbucks answering emails when suddenly I noticed a bottle of wine on the table. Starbucks is really selling wine to their customers?  When the waiter approached me I said “A glass of Chardonay please” He responded  “Can I see your ID." Is he serious? I looked at him and said ”You must be on drugs." I thought to myself should I pass on the glass of wine, not give him my drivers license and have him think I'm younger than I am.  I did want that glass of wine so I hesitantly handed him my drivers license and he said “WOW you look great."  I enjoyed that glass of wine even though he was young enough to be my son.

Try and focus on your positive attributes and make them work for you. Remember no one wants to be with Debbie downer! We need to love ourselves before we can accept and give love to someone else.

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