Monday, April 22, 2013


As a Matchmaker/Relationship Expert I've dealt with all kinds of people. There are the ones who are admittedly superficial who are only attracted to people with outer beauty and there are the ones who have a certain look or type that they're drawn to. Is this a bad thing? It is if you're still single and in the same boat as you were in five years ago. Maybe you need to try something new. Maybe you should look deeper into the soul and heart of the person. You will be surprised at what you might find.
Why are people so hung up on looks? Is it because their parents were critical of them, or maybe they're so critical of themselves and insecure that they need to have a trophy to validate themselves.
We all want to be attracted to our partner but isn't it true that after years of being together the looks fade but the person on the inside is who we fell in love with?  Or maybe not. Maybe we fell in love for the wrong reasons. Why do men cheat on their wives after being married for ten, fifteeen or twenty years. Is it because she let herself go and doesn't care about how she looks? Is it because he brings home the bread and butter and expects the sexy siren to open the door when he comes home? Does he want his cake and eat it too? Is he someone who needs attention twenty-four seven? All of these are true depending on the particular man.
Maybe if she went to the gym, got her sexy back on and was a slut in the bedroom he wouldn't have that affair.  There's no right answer but there is a solution to the problem. In my upcoming blog you'll hear the tips on how to keep him interested, romantic and available.

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